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Competition Profile: QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC 2007

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Kouterstraat 14
Tel: (+32)
Fax: (+32)
LEFEVERE Patrick (General Manager)
CRESPI Alvaro (Ass. Manager)
GUERCILENA Luca (Team Manager)
PARSANI Serge (Team Manager)
PEETERS Wilfried (Team Manager)
VAN SLYCKE Rik (Team Manager)
Love him or hate him. Patrick Lefevere can’t count on the sympathy of all the people active in the world of cycling anymore. But despite his behaviour and attitude the Belgian manager does manage to put together a team that turns out to be one of the best teams in the world, every single year. Only CSC has been able to compete with Quickstep the last few years, mainly because the team, that is lead by Riis, is competitive at more than just the classics and the shorter stage races.

And once again, Lefevere can look forward to a year where quality is the common denominator in his team. With...

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